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cTray Tall L

Length 17 1/2″ Height 4 3/8″ Depth 2 7/8″

Wire Management Flexible storage for electronic chargers and power strips
Dual-Extrusion Technology with a soft user-friendly front edge
C-shape openings provide maximum air circulation and cooling
Extra large space provides maximum storage capacity
Continuous openings allow best connectivity to desktop

Design and Engineering by Sava Cvek

For Hybrid Office Wire Management, the cTray is simple and practical product for Wire Management for Sit to Stand work desks. It supports wire, cable, power strips and device adapters with extra storage space. cTray has been designed and engineered using Dual-Extrusion Technology for easy and simple installation. The front wall is extruded in high-memory polymer to provide a soft, user-friendly edge. Individual segments can be bent to manage space and the high-memory polymer will always conform back to its original shape after being bent. Perfect for your hybrid office.

The open construction and ribbed surfaces are designed to provide air flow for maximum cooling of power supply and electronic adaptors. At the rear end of the cTray there are two additional cable conduit channels for extra wire and data cable management.

 cTray L Model is shorter to accommodate a monitor arm clamp to be located at the center of a desk. FLOW cTray LX is longer for extra storage space and for staggering components that need extra height, such as power strips with adapters and USB chargers.

 cTray L and LX Tall models have inside height of 4⅜“ or 112mm and Depth of 2⅞“or 73mm.
 cTray L Tall Model is 17½” or 445mm Long

US Patent