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Orders Changes, Cancelations and Returns Notification
Upon properly completed steps in the shopping cart, approved credit, and order confirmation no changes to a placed order are possible.

Do not complete the purchase if not sure of what you want to purchase! Return to start and make sure you have selected the correct item you want to purchase.

Returns for all products purchased through a Shopping Cart must be made in writing and approved by Home Office Customer Care Team.

Product returns can be made only by the original buyer, 21 days from the day of purchase, must be accompanied by a proof of purchase/ payment, product must be in 100% perfect condition and properly functioning and must be returned in original package. A fee of 15% will be applied against price of purchase. Customer will be charged for a shipping return fee. Additional proportionate fee will be applied against the purchase price in case a returned product was damaged by abuse and mishandling.

This notification is effective August 2022