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Commitment to Our Customers

SFI is committed to bringing the highest quality product and a lifetime value to our customers. SFI and our suppliers are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support.

Every term and condition stated here shall apply to all purchases of any SFI products and all quotes, orders and order documents concerning any products made or sold by SFI. As a condition and part of any request for quote, order or purchase, Purchaser hereby agrees to all the terms and conditions set forth below in this document and related to any presentations on SFI website and Online marketing and sales.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

All information included and presented in SFI catalogs, price list or proposals are non-binding. Only the terms agreed in Confirmed Orders are binding. Terms for an order only become binding to SFI after the Purchaser has placed an order and such an order was confirmed by SFI. With SFI Order Confirmation, Purchaser is responsible to make the first
payment to activate the placed order. For establishing a line of credit payment please refer to section on price and term of payments.

General Agreement

With received Confirmed Orders and first payment, SFI can start production of the Purchase Order. SFI prices do not include, customs duties, taxes, inside delivery, unloading, installation and any other fees (such as any special product certification costs if such may be incurred). Prices are subject to change without notice. SFI reserves the right to add the cost for special shipping and packaging if requested by the Purchaser.

Credit Evaluation

To establish a business relationship, SFI requires satisfactory credit reports from three supplied trade references and the client’s financial statement. Credit evaluation can be made only by the SFI office. Possession of the SFI Catalogue and the Price List does not constitute the authority to distribute and sell SFI products to a third party. No Purchase Order shall be accepted unless SFI provides Purchaser with a written acknowledgment to such order. Purchaser is responsible to review each acknowledged Purchase Order to be sure that all orders details are correct. Orders will not be acknowledged or released for production by SFI until all specification information is complete, credit terms are deemed acceptable to SFI and the first payment is received by SFI. All discounts and list prices are subject to change. Prices are those at the time of the order placement.

Shipments and Deliveries

Delivery dates stated at the time of the invoice are estimated dates and shall not be deemed to represent a fixed guaranteed delivery date. SFI will make every effort to respect the estimated time of delivery for the goods sold to the Purchaser. SFI will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind suffered by the Purchaser as the result of SFI’s Inability to meet any estimated delivery dates. Goods are sold at FOB SFI’s factory. SFI Offers a Shipping program. Under this program, delivery is organized by SFI. This shipping and handling program enables the Purchaser to state on the Purchase Order requested time for delivery and location products need to be delivered following approval of the Purchase Orders. SFI does not ship to UPS Stores, FedEx Office Ship Center, US Post Office, PO Box or other mail and shipping facilities. SFI is not in a position to process any orders to these locations.


Cancellations will not be accepted without SFI approval on any confirmed orders once they are put in process for production. If the confirmed order is unanimously canceled, the Purchaser is obliged to pay all costs incurred to date, and through the cancellation of such order, even if this has not been expressly agreed on in the special contract on the cancellation. No cancellation is accepted for special product orders that are approved and are in production or any order that is approved and is in the production phase.

Confirmed Purchased Orders are binding and CANNOT be changed three business days after confirmation has occurred. If order change has happened prior to SFI’s confirmation of an order, SFI will have to review an order and provide a new confirmation, which may require new cost, new delivery time schedule and additional payment by the Purchaser. SFI will exert every effort to meet our shipping dates but failure to do so does not justify confirmed order cancellations.

Price and Term of Payments

SFI List Price includes freight; for more information please refer to the SFI Guaranteed Freight Program. All discounts and prices are established at the time of order placement and are subject to change. All discounts and production releases are conditioned upon received payments. Before establishing Credit Line Payment Terms, payment terms are 50% upon approval of order to release the production and 50% from the day the order is shipped payable in full, net 30. Purchaser will receive 2% in additional Cash discount if the final payment is received within seven days from the day the Purchase Order has been shipped out. All larger orders and all special orders will require certain upfront payment that will be agreed upon at the time such Purchase Order is placed.

In case a Purchaser cannot provide credit information to SFI, such Purchaser will be placed on Cash Before Delivery (CBD) terms (50% deposit to start the order and 50% before delivery). A Purchaser on CBD terms must send a 50% deposit for SFI to start with the production of a placed order and 50% must be sent and received by the SFI bank account before the Purchase Order is sent out to SFI’s Factory.

Purchaser agrees to any payments due to pay interest of 1.5% per month from the date such payment is due until paid. Purchaser agrees to pay all costs, including collection agency cost, and reasonable attorney fees incurred by SFI in collecting and seeking to collect amounts due.

Minimum Purchase Order

Minimum Purchase Order is $3,500 NET. Orders below the minimum amount stated will require standard shipping using UPS, FedEx or other available carriers and will require a minimum shipping charge in addition to the net price.

Limitation of Product Liability and Indemnity

Where product is adjusted and made to any Purchaser specifications and requirements, Purchaser represents and warrants that no intellectual property or rights has been or will be infringed by the manufacture, sale or distribution or use of any such goods. Purchaser further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold SFI and its officers, directors, agents, suppliers and employees harmless against all costs, expenses and losses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) if incurred upon by SFI, through claims of third parties against SFI based on the manufacture, sale, advertising, promotion or other use of products or product components including, but not limited to, actions founded on product liability. Purchaser agrees to explain and demonstrate the proper use of SFI products to its employees and clients and for use on Purchaser’s property or property of its clients and its employees and associates for their use in office, at home office or remote office workspace. All claims if occurred against any of the SFI products at the Purchaser on its direct or indirect premises, will be the responsibility of the Purchaser who will pay for any such liability.

Lifetime Warranty and Limitation of Liability


The Purchaser is responsible for inspecting and Quality Control (QC) of received shipments. Any defects or other issues with received goods must be reported in writing to SFI within one week from the day shipment of SFI product is received. If the components comply with the agreed specifications and the Purchaser did not submit a timely rejection or complaint, the received products or goods will be deemed correct and acceptable in all respects.

SFI warrants that products and product components delivered by SFI will be free from defects in workmanship for the product life time to the original end user from the date the Purchaser has accepted the shipment in good standing and in compliance with the understanding set forth in this document, approved engineering drawings, approved samples and agreed upon quality control procedures.

SFI warrants that metal chair frames and metal parts delivered by SFI will be free from defects in welding and workmanship for five (5) years.

SFI warrants that the mesh chair component attachment method regarding specifically securing fabric to a frame- carrying structure will be free from defects in workmanship for 15 years. Provided, however, that the Purchaser agrees that SFI shall bear no liability and SFI makes no warranty on the material from which a frame-carrying structure is made or for any elastomeric fabric, mesh, or other material applied to such frame-carrying structures. No testing regarding, but not limited to, materials, components compliance, component intended performance or other testing will be performed by SFI or any of its suppliers unless requested by the Purchaser in writing and agreed to by SFI in writing but will instead remain the responsibility of the Purchaser.

This SFI Limited Warranty extends only to defects in materials and workmanship which occur during “normal use and service” as defined below, and it does not apply to: (a) Goods that have not been maintained in accordance with instructions or that have been accidentally damaged; (b) defects attributable in any way to installation, modification,
cleaning, or repair made by any party other than SFI; or (c) mishandling, accident, fire, lightning, other hazards whether natural or man-made, or shipment. “Normal use and service” means that the product will be used in a typical indoor office environment for 40-45 hours per week.

Chair Caster three year Warranty and Gas Cylinder one year Warranty.

SFI guarantees upholstered products only to be free from defects and that the upholstery is tailored according to product specifications. SFI offers no warranty, either implied or expressed, on any 3DKnit fabric, other fabrics or leathers. 3DKnit fabrics, other fabrics and leathers carry warranties from the fabric manufacturer or reseller, and most contract fabrics and leathers have only a one-to-two-year warranty period. Please refer to each reseller’s warranties before specifying. Because every fabric specification is different and application for use must be taken into consideration, SFI shall not be held responsible in any manner for wrong specification of fabric, and SFI does not
guarantee specified fabric for tailoring, wear, durability, or light fastness. SFI makes no warranty of any kind with respect to the “customer’s own materials” (COM), “customer’s own leathers” (COL), or non-standard materials selected by and used at the request of the Purchaser.

Variations in grain, color, marks, scars, texture and pattern of wood, leather and textiles may occur as a result of nature, dye lot, exposure to light, and aging. SFI makes no warranty with respect to matching of grain, textures, pattern or colors of such materials, including an exact match to 3DKnit fabrics, other fabrics, leather, laminates, wood veneers, wood chips, color samples, or swatch cards.

Purchaser agrees that the foregoing shall constitute the sole remedy of the Purchaser and the sole liability of SFI and any supplier of SFI with respect to product warranty. SFI and SFl’s Suppliers make no other warranty, statutory or otherwise, and none is implied. SFI and SFl’s suppliers’ liability on any claim of any kind, including negligence for any damage arising out of, connected with, or resulting from this warranty, or from the supply or failure to supply a product or product component, or from the design, manufacture, sale, delivery, resale, installation, inspection, repair, operation or use of a component or a product furnished by SFI or a supplier of SFI shall in no case exceed the price allocable to the component or components which give rise to the claim and shall terminate after the longer of one (1) year after the date of sale to the Purchaser or the time period specifically set forth above, if any.

In no event, whether as a result of breach of contract, warranty, negligence or otherwise, shall SFI or a Supplier of SFI be liable for special or consequential damage, including, but not limited to, loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of component or a product or any other goods or equipment, cost of capital, cost of time lost, cost of substitution
equipment, downtime cost, or any other claims of the Purchaser or any customer or purchaser (third party) from such and any other claim or damage.

No compensation will be applied for a component that tests as good, has been abused or misapplied or is out of warranty.

The warranty and remedies set forth herein are conditioned upon the proper indoor storage of product in a workspace environment, including product storage within allowed temperature ranges; proper installation, proper use and maintenance and conformance as stated in the Purchaser’s product information and product instruction sheet as well as conformance with the requirements of this Statement. Testing conditions concerning any asserted failing component shall be mutually agreed upon in writing. SFI shall be notified of and have the right to be present at any such testing, and SFI shall be provided with a reasonable time to review, examine and determine the cause of the problem and report back to the Purchaser. Where a defect is determined to be caused by SFI or SFI supplier, SFI and/or the supplier will correct such defect by either (at SFI and/or the supplier’s option):

(a) replacing the defective component; or

(b) repairing the defective component; or

(c) refunding the purchase price of the component. The Purchaser shall provide written notification of a claimed defect to SFI and upon SFl’s approval and written RGA, return the defective product or component with shipping cost paid by Purchaser to a designated address provided by SFI.


Warranty Exceptions

COM/COL textiles. Damage to textiles from exposure to sunlight and UV rays. Damage to textiles from the use of cleaners not specified for use in the fabric specifications. Variation of texture and natural markings such as neck wrinkles, scratches, backbone marks, and stretch marks in leather. Color matching of textiles exactly to samples, swatches or prior purchases. Product normal wear and tear, which is to be expected over the course of ownership such as fabric, mesh, and arm pads. Failure and damage which results from negligence, abuse, accident or misuses such as arm pads repeatedly hitting a desk or table. Damage caused by markings or staining, damage caused by sharp objects or imprinting from instruments. Products exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures or excessive dry environment. Products that have been modified or altered and any attachments to the product. Floor samples or display models. The warranty does not cover transportation, labor or installation and replacement of parts labor.

Further, SFI Warranty does not include the following:
a. Changes and damages caused by the product being used for purposes other than those originally intended. Damages caused by improper treatment and cleaning of the product will not be covered by the warranty. This also applies to damage which occurs due to exposure to unusual ambient conditions (extreme climatic conditions, acids, moisture, extreme work environment and any outdoor use and direct exposure to outdoor conditions).
b. Damage caused by maintenance or repair work, or other actions effected by the Purchaser, consultants, or third parties.
c. Damage caused during transport:

To obtain performance of this Limited Warranty, the purchaser should contact in writing SFI office: Customer Service Department, SFI, 14 Huron Drive, Natick MA 01760, fax +508 652 0031 tel 508 545 0268

Products that are non-standard are not covered under this warranty.
In the case the Purchaser is using his own service contractor such service should be conducted in a manner not to be in conflict to SFI product warranties and recommended SFI maintenance. In no event the warranty shall apply if (a) the Purchaser or a third party modifies or repairs the Goods without the Purchaser prior written approval; or (b) after discovery of a defect, the Purchaser fails to take prompt and reasonable steps to prevent the defect from becoming more serious. If Goods are repaired in the field by someone other than Purchaser, then the warranty on that repair is from the person or company making that repair, not with SFI.



Confirmed Orders

Order Confirmation will be made by SFI for each accepted order and will clearly state final production description. The Purchaser must carefully review confirmed orders to be sure that all specified details are correct. Orders will not be confirmed until all specification information is complete and sent to SFI in writing. The Purchaser must provide SFI with complete production specifications so production can be conducted properly (see check list for ordering). Orders that are confirmed and released for production are subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Payments for Placed Orders and Production

SFI will start promptly with production of the products placed by the Purchaser only when payment for such confirmed Purchase Order arrives to SFI’s Bank Account. Payment must be made in US$ and must be free of any charges, transfer fees, or postages. Payment for the placed and confirmed order must be made to a bank with an account specified by SFI.

Production and Delivery

SFI will not start production before the agreed payment is received by the SFI Bank Order Confirmation which will contain acknowledgment of the day the goods will be delivered to the Purchaser specified location. In order to start with the delivery schedule, SFI needs to receive from the Purchaser all necessary information and clarification of the shipping instructions and other necessary documents at the time Purchase order is placed for consideration. The Delivery dates are deemed to be approximated where there is no provision to the contrary and do not constitute issues of delay. The Purchaser may not assert to SFI any claims arising from contractual penalties.
Unforeseen, exceptional circumstances beyond SFI control such as strikes, lock-outs and other industrial actions, operation breakdown due to fire and similar occurrences, difficulty in the source of material and energy, lack of labor resources, energy and raw material, government action, transport disruption, difficulties in the obtaining of permits with specific regard to import and export licenses or other instances of force majeure beyond our control and area of influence, irrespective of whether SFI or our suppliers are effected by such circumstances or whether they occur during an ongoing delay, the period of delivery is to be extended by the duration of the disruption in addition to a reasonable start-up period. Should the delay or disruption not be of a temporary nature and should production or delivery subsequently become impossible and the compliance with the contract may occur SFI and the Purchaser agree to come to an agreement for reasonable time of delivery of purchased goods stated in the confirmed order.

Packaging and Crating

If requested, SFI product packaged information will be presented to the Purchaser before the shipments of products are made. The Purchaser may request other specifications for SFI to use for shipping certain parts, components and KD chairs and such Purchase Orders will be considered as “Special Orders” and SFI reserves the right to adjust the cost of packaging and additional cost to freight. SFI List Price includes standard packaging.

Overseas Shipments

The Purchaser may request special instructions for shipping goods outside of USA and Overseas, special packaging, the way the goods are placed in the container and/or crating for export. Any overseas shipping is not included in the
cost of product and such request will be priced separately depending on Purchasers requirements, type of delivery and destination. Such freight and shipping cost is responsibility and will be cost to Purchaser and will not be arranged by SFI, it is the responsibility of the Purchaser broker and his export shipping company.


The Purchaser will provide complete instructions as to shipping destination at the time the Purchase Order is placed.
Ordered Product may be delivered at one time or in partial shipments from time-to-time. All shipments are FOB SFI Factory and the Purchaser bears risk of loss or damage during shipment. All items are shipped strictly according to freight regulations. SFI is not liable for any delays or failure to deliver or perform due to fires, floods, accidents,
transportation difficulties, failure or delay of sources of supply, acts of God, or any other causes of like or unlike nature beyond SFI control.

Damaged Merchandise

Do not refuse merchandise when in transit. Product must be kept in the original shipping box or container for inspection by carrier. The Purchaser must enter a claim with the transportation company. SFI is extremely careful in inspecting and preparing products for shipping. All shipments are carefully packaged and loaded. If shipment arrives damaged or short, the Purchaser should immediately file a claim with the delivery carrier and damaged goods and boxes should be photographed from various angles and should be submitted as the proof of damage to the carrier. SFI suggests for a Purchaser’s own protection, that all shipments be unpacked and inspected upon arrival at destination.

Returned Merchandise

Do not return any merchandise without written permission from SFI. Only with SFI approval and written RGA (Return Goods Authorization) products and goods can be returned.


SFI puts the utmost care in the packing and shipping of its products. SFI liability stops with the FOB destination point.
The Purchaser and the end Customer should examine received purchased orders from SFI carefully and check for any damage to packaging before giving the transportation company a clear receipt. If the shipment is not delivered in good condition and in accordance with quantity called for by the shipping documents or by the bill of lading, the
Purchaser must report to the carrier, making notations on the delivery receipt and the original freight bill as to damage or shortage before accepting shipment. If the shipment is in apparent good condition but upon opening contents are found damaged, unpacking should be stopped, and an inspector of the transportation company should be called to examine the shipment and indicate on the delivery receipt the exact condition of the contents. Do not give the carrier a clear receipt for cartons appearing to be damaged. Failure to make any claim against SFI within 10 days shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and a waiver of any defects, errors, or shortages ascertained upon inspection.


Any measurements and weights shown and stated in the SFI catalogue, price list or in any information made and provided by SFI are approximated values and tolerances must be permitted.

SFI reserves the right to make changes in price, dimensions, design and/or construction without prior notice. Our catalog and price list are not available to the general public. They are issued to the trade solely for the purpose of inviting purchase of these products from SFI.

Castors and Glides

All Chairs or desks are equipped with standard Castors or Glides for use on carpets, “hard castors or glides”. If using chairs on hard surfaces, the order may specify “soft castors” for the hard floor options due to the different surfaces on which glides can be used. SFI is unable to warrant their durability overtime. SFI cannot take any responsibility for purchaser ordering wrong castors or glides.

Product Ownership and Design

The products shown in our catalogs and price lists are, and remain, SFI property. We reserve the exclusive right to manufacture the models shown. SFI retains all ownership right of use in respect of illustrations, drawings, sketches, collections and other records that are made available to the Purchaser, such must be returned to SFI upon request. SFI is the sole owner of all right, title, and interest in and to any form, sample and technical solution in respect of or in connection with the SFI goods-products. SFI reserves the right to make changes in price, dimensions, design, and construction without prior notice.


Certain SFI design and mechanical features are protected under patents, either obtained or pending.

Distribution and Licensed

Agreement SFI Products under Distribution and Licensing Agreement granted to another business entity/Distributor/Licensee, are restricted to sales and distribution in the agreed region or Country as specified in such agreement signed by both SFI and another business entity Distributor/Licensee. Such other business entity/Distributor/Licensee has an obligation and duty not to market, sell and ship SFI products out of the agreed territories.

Distributor/Licensee is obliged to keep the content of SFI offer, agreement, and information regarding SFI and mutual business information strictly confidential. Such information may only be disclosed to a third party if this becomes legally compulsory or if SFI has given prior written consent. Information known to the Purchaser prior to the receipt of SFI offer or information which was in the public domain to or after conclusion of the agreement without SFI or the Purchaser involvement, are not regarded as confidential information.


Product Samples are supplied per mutual agreement between SFI and the Purchaser/Distributor/Licensee. The presented samples are subject to commercially acceptable deviations or those falling within normal manufacturing tolerances. Unless expressly specified in the order confirmation, the supply of patterns or samples does not constitute a guarantee of service life.

Specially requested samples for specific project presentations must be returned to SFI in perfect condition within agreed time period. If they are not returned within such agreed time period SFI shall be entitled to charge the list purchase price and applied discount.

Arbitration of Disputes

Purchaser/Distributor/Licensee accept and confirm that any controversy, claim or dispute between the Purchaser/ Distributor/Licensee and SFI, directly or indirectly, concerning this warranty, SFl’s obligations under this warranty, or the breach hereof, shall be fully and finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts . The governing law of this warranty and any arbitration held hereunder shall be the substantive law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Such arbitration shall be held in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and judgment upon the award rendered is final.

The costs and expenses payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Arbitration Association for such arbitration shall be paid by the losing party as determined by the arbitrator.

Authority of Arbitration

The arbitrator will decide the rights and liabilities, if any, between the Purchaser/Distributor/Licensee and SFI, and the dispute will not be consolidated with any other matters or joined with any other cases or parties. The arbitrator
shall have the authority to grant motions relevant to all or part of any claim. The parties waive their constitutional and statutory rights to go to court and have a trial in front of a judge or a jury, instead electing that all claims and disputes shall be resolved by arbitration.

In any circumstances where the Agreement to Arbitrate Disputes permits the parties to litigate in court, this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, excluding its conflict of law rules.

For Seating products and Support Pillow, SFI is using Teknit 3DKniting Upholstery Fabric. For additional colors and fabrics SFI will provide color samples for Purchaser to select other options. These will be considered special orders and the Purchaser needs to contact SFI sales office with full information and description of the special knit type and color including the sample, production and delivery, so proper pricing and delivery time can be established for such special items.

Purchaser’s Own Material COM/COL price do not include application for traditional fabric, vinyl and leather which should be prepaid to factory address and clearly marked to indicate: 1) buyer’s name, 2) buyer’s purchase order number, 3) client, 4) furniture number of item to be covered, and 5) instructions for application, i.e. face, railroaded, reversed, etc. Furniture orders should include this same information as well as cutting instructions and a description of the fabric including pattern and color number in order to provide a cross reference and to reduce the margin of error. In the absence of specific written instructions accompanying the order, fabrics will be cut, seamed and applied at our discretion and at the customer’s risk.

Special Fabric

SFI will inform the Purchaser about requirements on the length and quantity of the material needed (for fabric recommended width is 137cm). Fabrics of narrower widths and/or which involve matching repeats will require additional yardage. Under most of these circumstances, the following tables can be used as a guide. Collect shipments of COM fabrics will not be accepted. All orders and COM/COL materials should be sent prepaid by Purchaser/Client and directly to SFI. Please contact the SFI office for the address and shipping information.

In the absence of specific written instructions accompanying the order, fabrics will be cut, seamed and applied at our discretion and at the customer’s risk. While SFI will inspect fabrics for mill imperfections, some are difficult to recognize. We cannot be responsible for defects, color inaccuracies, dye lot variations, and other flaws. We suggest that our customers inspect fabrics before furnishing them to SFI. Under no circumstances will SFI assume responsibility for COM/ COL shortages, flaws, or other such problems. While SFI makes a concerted effort to control COM/COL materials, it is not our responsibility to police the receipt of these materials in order to meet delivery deadlines and for SFI to assume that the Client is aware of any undue delay in the delivery of their COM/ COL materials.

Fabric and Leather

Beside standard finishes SFI offers a variety of 3DKnit fabric and laminate collections. Please request and refer to the SFI additional offerings and grades. SFI will not purchase COM 3DKnit fabrics or COL laminates before samples as well as adjusted pricing agreed and approved by the Purchaser in writing and included in a official Purchase Order and adjusted time frame for production of the Purchase Order is agreed and approved in writing by SFI.

Fire Resistance

All SFI seating conforms to California #117 Bulletin for fire resistance. Many products have been tested and pass California TB 133. Please contact SFI for information.

Special Product Orders

Because products are manufactured upon receipt of order, it may be possible to accommodate product modifications. Special Product Orders that require alternative fabrics, laminates, leather or wood with special customer design specifications should be submitted to Customer Service for review. The requirements of the special orders must meet the manufacturing process of SFI. In case that certain specified material cannot be used in SFI manufacturing process, SFI reserves the right not to accept such special orders.

Special Finishes

Special finishes are available. Please request information on 3DKnit fabrics or our special Laminate Colors; send a sample of the finish color desired and after the sample is reviewed by SFI production team will provide adjusted cost for adjusting production for use of specific COM/COL materials. Please allow ample time for a special finish sample to be reviewed and examined by both Purchaser and SFI for final approval.

Special Laminates and Veneer

Table, Desks and office cabinets and units shown separately but ordered together will not automatically be assumed that they are going to be used together and therefore the veneer will not be matched. If separate tops are going to be used together, the purchaser must submit a drawing of the configuration and specify veneer matching desired. There will be an appropriate charge according to the configuration and type of laminate or veneer specified.

If multiple table tops, desks and office cabinets are going to be used in different configurations other than illustrated in the price list, an up-charge may be necessary for non-standard laminate and veneer direction. SFI will contact it’s factory and submit drawing for review.

Checklist for Ordering Furniture

Many orders are received with incomplete or conflicting information causing needless correspondence and unnecessary delay. Before submitting your order please be sure it includes the following information.

Purchase Order Important Requirements

1. Purchaser Name
3. Product Quantity
4. Unit Price and Agreed Discount and Purchase Order Total
5. Name of the person Responsible for the PO with Authorized Signature
6. Contact telephone and email of person responsible for Purchase Order
7. Number and the Date of the PO
8. Special Delivery, Shipping and Packaging Instruction if any for the particular PO
9. Requested delivery Date window,
10. Delivery address, name of the business
11. Delivery Contact, Name and Phone Number
12. Delivery Address and any special information regarding delivery place and time
13. Acknowledgment for the first Payment Information and amount
14. Name of the SFI contact responsible for the PO approval,
15. Clearly stated accepted SFI production lead time

Purchase Orders will be accepted and scheduled for production only after the first payment is received by SFI and such payment is cleared in the SFI Bank Account. All stated dates for production, freight, stated delivery information and approximate time of delivery will be calculated from the time the Payment has been cleared. If the first payment was not received, no PO will be scheduled and released for production. Any delay in payment will cause production and delivery to be rescheduled.

Lead Time

Five to ten work days is a standard Lead Time. Special delivery time must be stated on a placed Purchase Order and any special delivery terms and conditions that must be observed by SFI to assure proper order handling. In the event that the Purchase Order does state any special conditions for the delivery, all such orders will be scheduled per SFI’s standard lead time.

Orders should be sent via email whenever possible to expedite the entry process. Send to If this is not possible then fax orders to +508 652 0031

SFI – Guaranteed Freight Program


SFI List Price includes Freight. Minimum Purchase Order is $3,500 NET and handling charges using common carrier at the time of Purchase Order according to the delivery place and instructions for shipping. If any changes occur, SFI reserves the right to charge additional cost required for the changes and new instructions for delivery. For Purchase Orders below the Minimum Purchase Order amount, freight is not included in the list price and Minimum Shipping charge will be added by SFI.

Freight is for regular conditions and time schedule delivery only. Shipping and handling charges do not include unloading, inside delivery, installation, unpacking or removal of cartons and other packaging material and removal of these materials from the sight. Products are shipped FOB Natick, MA prepaid and arranged for one destination. Title of goods changes when merchandise leaves the FOB Factory premise and any subsequent freight damage and all freight claims are the responsibility of the Purchaser or consignee to report to the carrier promptly upon receipt and the settle with the carrier.

In case Purchaser did not have a special request note, SFI will ship the product and select the most appropriate carrier and routing on all shipments. If the Purchaser desires to select and specify their own carrier, as well as special time and delivery conditions for their Purchase Order, such freight will ship collect via the designated Purchaser/Client carrier and cost of freight will not be the responsibility of SFI.

The continental United States has been divided into three zones. Please use the map below to determine freight minimum purchase order shipping charges for the products destination.