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Hybrid Workplace Model and Home Office                                   

Flexible Way of Work in a Modern Company

One of the most important investments for Company Management is the investment in its people. By integrating people, place, and process, and improving the quality of the work environment, a company will improve the productivity of its core business.

Both the Company and Home Office are part of the same workspace. The VALUE of ergonomics, comfort and functionality of the furniture and equipment employees are using to perform their work, are just as important in a Company Office as they are in the Home Office. The only difference is the LOCATION.

A Hybrid Workplace makes it possible for employees to spend a certain number of days each week working from Home.

There are significant benefits for a Company Facility Manager to select furniture for their employees who will be working from Home. Providing ergonomic furniture for Home Office workers, gives a company more control over the potential injuries related to Cumulative Trauma Disorder or CTD’s that happen to employees who perform general office work. Lower Back pain, Neck Injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Eye Strain, and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome are some of the most common health problems related to Office Work.

In the pre-pandemic world, the average amount of workdays spent in the office was 92% but now that number is only 64%. Today the Hybrid Work Model is preferred by most of the American workforce and is quickly being adopted as the normal way of operation for the foreseeable future.

By offering a Hybrid Workplace Model, Companies will attract more employees to their workforce. By selecting ergonomic furniture to support a Hybrid Working Model a company can provide multiple benefits for their employees and at the same time provide businesses with great value, showing how much they care.

Our design team’s goal is to provide the same type of chair, desk, wire management and task lighting that you would have at the office for your home. Providing you with the same level of comfort, functionality, and thoughtfulness for your care and wellbeing and creating a SEAMLESS INTEGRATION between your home and company office.

This is made possible by using furniture elements that provide an elevated level of personalization to create the most optimal conditions to support work regardless of location.