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Advanced Task Chair

Adjustable Thoracic Lumbar Support
Pelvis and sacral joint stabilization
Stabilization of central spinal column
Seat Flexors support for reduction of pressure points
Increased blood circulation and maximum oxygenation
Multi-tension mechanism selection
Effortless tension change without leaving the seat
Fixed or adjustable arm support
Integrated material technology

Design and Engineering by Sava Cvek          Home Office Task Chair         

A lot of research and science went into the design and engineering of the Intuition Chair, which did not preclude the function, harmony, and beauty that is inherent in this human centered design. Intuition uses advanced ergonomics and technology to minimize the negative effects of prolonged sitting as well as provide a healthy support for work and activities allowing maximum comfort, productivity, and creativity.

Intuition Seat technology provides a reduction of pressure points, allows proper blood circulation, better oxygenation, and helps you stay alert, relaxed, and healthy. Intuition Micro Tension Adjustors provide personal tension settings that can be selectioned effortlessly to go from task work to video conference meetings in a flash.

US Patent