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Cable Conduit

Cable Conduit Ideal support for Sit to Stand desk products
Holds various cables securely for a desktop leg
Simple and safe installation with double-sided tape
Installation to square desk leg

Design and Engineering by Sava Cvek

Cable Conduit for Wire Management is specially designed for Sit to Stand Hybrid Office Desk work. Cable Conduit helps to organize and hold a variety of wire, power and data cables when a desk is moving up and down. It can also be used on a fixed height desk and other furniture products. Perfect for your hybrid office.

Cable Conduit has been designed and engineered using Dual-Extrusion Technology for easy and simple installation. The top covers of the Cable Conduit are molded in soft shape-memory polymer to allow easy opening at any point along its entire length. High-memory polymer will conform back to its original shape, and will safely and securely hold wires and cables in place. Cable Conduit comes with two retainers to be placed at both ends of the product to keep wires and cables safely in place.

Cable Conduit comes in Flat or Arched models for use on round or square desk legs. The recommended size for round legs is 2⅜” (60mm) to 3½” (90mm). For square legs, the minimum width is 1¾” (45mm).
Cable Conduit can manage wire and cables up to ⅜” (10mm) diameter.

US Patent